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I've got internet today! Woo! the internet's been down for the last week or so, because the wind here has been screwing everything up. :P

Anyway, a while ago I had asked if there were any deviantart peeps on here, that would like to check out my art that was which posted on there, which many people responded to with a yes they'd be willing to check out my work. But also a very polite person asked if I wouldn't mind posting my work on here as well because many killjoys on here don't have a deviantart account. SOoo, there we are. :)

The one on the top is titled, "Little Girl" after the Green Day song Which I was listening to at the time, The middle one is, "Smile Through Your Pain", and the bottom one is the first in a series of silhouettes i'm doing, and this one is Mikey Way. I'm working on Bob now. (I don't care if he's not in the band, I'm still going to draw him)

And if you'd like me to draw something for you, i'd be more than happy to, i do do art commissions for free. :)