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Wow :/

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Stephanie949's picture
on July 18, 2014 - 10:38am

I find this kinds depressing. If you click on community and just wait for it to load, underneath Community, (under 'Welcome, ___________' <--- Username) There should be Recent Blogs and to the right of it, it says Members.

If you click members, and count, there is only 50 profiles. (Or at least when I counted.) I don't know if it means everybody that joined this website, or only the recent ones, but either way, it's pretty sad. It is true. It's like we are losing more people on here every day.

I feel like us, the MCRmy, should do something about it. Maybe post all around Instagram or Twitter to get our Killjoys to join us, but, I'm pretty sure most people wouldn't join. I don't think this is okay.

-Reversed Firework.