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Super Sad Right Now...

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Stephanie949's picture
on August 15, 2014 - 3:11pm

Okay, so I was just causally scrolling through Twitter on my phone, until I saw a post by Alternative Press saying that Abandon All Ships broke up.

Now, usually, I'd feel pretty sad for the fans of a band I've never listened to break up, but today it was different. I saw the post and I thought "Wow, this band looks pretty good at what they do. I'll check them out." Now that I've listened to some of their songs, I am super upset that they Broke Up.

Sure, I guess technically they are not 100% over yet because they still have to do a farewell concert on September 25 in Toronto, Ontario (Over here in Canada) But still, it sucks that I missed an amazing band that broke up... AGAIN! First it was My Chem, and now it is Abandon All Ships. There probably will be more for me in the future, but I just really want to get some of their band merch... They have an amazing sound.

It's kinda sad for me though because I know I wouldn't be able to go to their Farewell concert in Toronto because my parents would say it would be useless to go for a day and come back. Their theory is "If I like them, and if they play here or near this city, then you can go." But, I will garentee they probably wouldn't like the music and that Abandon All Ships will NEVER play near my city again.

My parents don't really like this type of music.. And by my parents, I mean my dad. Because what he says, goes. My mom probably would let me go if they played here, but then my dad would have to go, and before he goes the concert, he searches everything up about the band. Songs, Albums, Names, Where they are from. I mean, my dad did the same thing for Simple Plan, But he was okay with Simple Plan because they play on the radio.

So, today,Friday, August 15th, 2014 is the day Abandon All Ships broke up, and was also the day I found out about Abandon All Ships. Another band added to my favorites lists.

-Reversed Firework