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Ciao! So, today I had an RE lesson where we were starting to look at philosophy, where we’re going to be focusing on the question of whether God exists or not. We had to straight up write on a piece of paper if we think God exists. We had to either say yes, no or maybe. I chose maybe, considering that I am kind of unsure about my religion right now, but I would consider myself an agnostic atheist (the belief that you can’t prove whether a god exists or not, but you don’t think that there is one). Once our teacher had collected all of the pieces of paper, she gave them out at random and we had to stand in groups depending on what we got. We then had to discuss with the group why people might believe in what we got. Before we discussed what we were meant to be doing, we just talked about what we believe and stuff. One person said that they believe in science (they put no). One person said that they just don’t believe in a god (they put no). One person said that if the world was completely made up of atheists that there would be a lot of war. Now, I just want to clear something up that bothers me about what some people I know might think I believe because I am an more or less an atheist.

1. Just because I am an atheist it doesn’t mean that I hate religion or people who are religious (I actually love RE and Philosophy and am very interested in them).
2. Just because I am an atheist it doesn't mean that I think that you are stupid or naïve for believing in a religion.
2. Just because I am an atheist it doesn’t mean that I have no morals or ethics.
3. Just because I am an atheist it doesn’t mean that I have nothing to believe in/that I believe in.

Okay I’m happy I got that off my chest :) Anyway, IN OTHER NEWS, I had an English Speaking and Listening Assessment today. It went so badly, but the thing is that we didn’t get to choose our topic, our opinion (you know, for and against) or who we did the debate with. That might be might it went so badly. At least I get to try and do it again tomorrow. YAY. Oh and about the title, I’m in a very foreign language mood today, especially Italian, and I have no idea why. Oh well, arrivederci!

-Static xo