So Glad I Found MCR

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So Glad I Found MCR

So, I joined the MCR community today. Yayayay. Don't know how often I'll blog or anything on here, but I feel like it's somewhat necessary to talk about how I found MCR.

I was living in Tyler, Texas(worst year of my life), when I heard "Helena." And I loved it. I was thirteen and remember watching the video and thinking Gerard Way was so hot. XD Thing is, my brother wasn't, and still isn't, into My Chemical Romance for reasons I don't think I'll ever understand. But, since nobody else listened to them, I stopped after that one song. That was it. Until 2010, about two(?) years later. I don't know what got me started doing it, but I listened to "Helena" again. Then to "Teenagers," which I had of course heard beforehand. Then "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)." I was just watching their videos on YouTube when I saw "Na Na Na." I saw it was new so I went to listen to it. But, when it started, I said, "Meh," and closed my browser.

The next day I went back. I told myself, "Maybe it changes. Maybe I was just expecting something different so I was disappointed." So I opened the video again and fell completely head over heels in love. It was so insane to me that I almost didn't even listen to it. I don't know what I'd be doing now. I bought Danger Days when it came out and got to work learning the lyrics and, in the process, made my mom and sister fall in love with them too. I then bought Three Cheers and Black Parade and memorized those songs.

MCR became such an essential part of my musical life. At my school's music show my senior year of high school I performed "Summertime," because I felt like I needed to sing one of their songs. People get to know me and then when I tell them I listen to MCR they look at me like they just heard the weirdest thing come out of my mouth. Like I spoke another language. I stand by them and explain to people what their music really is because nobody ever seems to understand. To me, My Chemical Romance is an escape and an understanding of how things really are, but told in wonderful stories. I simply can't get enough of MCR, and though I haven't been a fan for long I am a fan with all of my heart.