The Begining of the Rest of My Life, and Scaring the Shit Out of People

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The Begining of the Rest of My Life, and Scaring the Shit Out of People

I just got my first guitar and my first lessons. My teacher is very shy and doesn't talk much. Kinda ironic since he's a guitar instructer. the place where I went was completly messy, and unorganized, and i liked it that way. It drove my mom insane though. My teacher, Tom, said i did really well, but i think he's just saying that. the first thought i had when he saw me was, "Ah, you thought i was white." and "Aha, i'm black, betchya didn't see that comin!" but anyway, the guitar is hard, but easier than the keyboard. i named my guitar Toxixc Sound. my mom said that's more of a band name, but, Toxic Sound just seems to fit him. and by him, i mean my guitar. i know it's weird that i gave my guitar a gender, but i don't care. but looking through the chords and music, it all seems really hard, and i keep thinking, "what the hell did i get myself into?" but, me being me, i know i'll make it work.

Also, the other day, i was writing a new book during play rehersal, and a cast member walked up to me. i'm not saying names, but this is the conversation:

girl: whatcya doing?
me: writing a book.
girl: what's it about?
me:it's about a poor girl who walks into a dark ally and meets this evil dark monster thing. it takes over her body, and the girl has to find a way to get control of her body back.
girl: *looks at me kinda creeped out* cooool turns away awkwardly.
there's really more to my book, but that the gyst of it. Point it, i scared her and I feel very proud of that. She probably thinks i'm a weirdo, but i don't care. i was actually very amused. Well, whish me luck with my guitar lessons!

(i think i might stick with this one)
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