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Thank you. Thank you so much for all the help you've given me. No matter what you will always be my favorite band. I love you guys. It fucking sucks I never got to shake your hand and tell you how much you ment to me. I'll miss you dearly, but I hope to god when I wake up tomorrow morning, it'll just be my imagination. That none of this happened. I am heart broken...but I understand. For me, this isn't goodbye. Because you'll always be there for me to fall back on. But please.....we cant just mean a 5 lined paragraph. What about MCR5? We can't just mean a 5 lined paragraph. We can't. I know, I sound selfish asking for more but I don't know if the MCRmy can go on with a 5 line paragraph as a memory.

So Long And Goodnight, Keep Running, and Never Let Them Steal The Light Behind Your Eyes, Demolition Lovers.