IMPORTANT: Concerning the MCRMY

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IMPORTANT: Concerning the MCRMY

If you consider yourself a part of the MCRMY, then I recommend that you take a couple minutes to read what I've written about an experience I had at a recent MCR show. Feedback is appreciated and I was just very bothered and needed to say something:

My little sister and I went to see MCR a little over a week ago. It was my 5th time seeing them and her 1st. We got in line at 10 AM and waited in the cold, rain, and wind until 6:30 PM for doors to open.

The show itself was beyond my expectations. The band sounded great with the new drummer and they put on SUCH a great show.

As far as the crowd, go ahead and hate me for saying that I am just not a fan of MCR fans. I see/hear all of this MCRMY talk that we are all here for each other and everything. I've been a fan for 8 years and always got shit here and there for being a fan because their music/style is "emo". Fuck that, I can deal with it. I'm more embarrassed to call myself a fan just because of the way that people were acting in line at this show and at the show itself. The behavior I witnessed and experienced first-hand does NOT represent me. So if that is what being a fan is, then I'm sorry. I am extremely into their music and have been for years. That's all it is about for me.

In line there were so many people who were being rude to each other. There were plenty of Negative Nancys. There were people being elitists - older fans talking down to and bragging to the younger fans about how long they've been a fan, as if it made them better than anybody else. I heard from staff at the venue that some guy kicked a girl in the stomach. At one point, we were all asked to get single file and the line turned into a riot for 30 seconds where I heard people screaming "FUCK YOUS" at each other and people were shoving each other. My 3/4" inch plug got ripped out of my ear within these 30 seconds and swelled up really bad (after which my ear is now torn and blown out because of). It seemed the whole time that we were surrounded by selfish people who were at everybody's throats and acting like fools. There were people arriving as late as 30 minutes or less before the doors opened and cutting in front of everybody who waited since the morning. Some people even camped out. Let alone, the weather was awful and we were soaked wet and couldn't even feel our toes.

This was my sister's first MCR show and we had our hearts set on being front and center. We waited all day in line, and after all of the cutting that went on at the front of the line we ended up 2nd from the barricade. We were there for the opening band and after waiting all day in the bad weather and also having some health problems, the pushing from the back was too much for me. I told my sister that I was only going to be able to last for the first song, if even the whole thing, and that I was going to get pulled out. Before MCR even went on stage, I ended up being pulled out because I couldn't breathe. My chest and my back were in a lot of pain (and were already before the show because of problems I've been having.) I was super disappointed about it because I had waited in line all day for that spot. The front row gave me a good push out of the crowd to help the security guard while he pulled me out. One of the few positive interactions I had with MCR fans or the "MCRMY" this night was with the ones who held out their hands to me at the barricade after I was pulled out. I was hurting a lot, disappointed, holding my chest, and had tears in my eyes. I could barely walk and felt like I was going to collapse. Seeing all of the hands that were going out to me was the only time I felt like anybody in that crowd was there for anybody but themselves.

I went to the bar and couldn't even breathe enough to ask for water. I talked to the medical dude/paramedic, caught my breath, chugged some water, and ended up getting to the back of the room just in time for the lights to go down. I danced by myself in my combat boots and sang along as much as I could between catching my breath to every word while my sister enjoyed her 1st MCR experience closer to the stage.

I realized that I didn't care how close I was to the front - that the music was still the same. I realized that since the last time I saw MCR a few years ago, I've grown up a lot and couldn't relate to a lot of the people at the front who let their fangirl side get the best of them. For them, being at the front meant being close to the guys and screaming bloody murder (not to say that this represents EVERY person that was at the front*) For me, going to this show was about experiencing their music live again. Each time to see them is so special because the amount of times that I have heard their albums is impossible to calculate, but each time I get to hear them play those same songs in the same room as me is one of a kind. MCR guided me through my whole high school career, the first time I ever listened to an MCR album being while I cleaned out my backpack. They consoled me when my 14-year-old heart was broken. They helped me get rid of my rage when I was in a state. They blared through the speakers of my first car. They sang me to sleep a few drunken nights. Each of their songs is an anthem of its own that fits perfectly to at least one part of the last 8 years of my life.

This is what makes me a fan, and I am my own person. I am not going to consider myself part of a fanbase that supports anything other than what I do or a group that says that they are one thing and in reality are the total opposite. I don't need to be a part of something that doesn't represent me. My morals and the way I treat other fans will be what represents me.

I guess my point is - if you want to call yourself an MCRMY, then please represent your name. Don't talk yourself up then go and contradict yourself with your actions and behavior. Don't go and make people like me look like shit for saying that I'm a fan of MCR. Nobody cares how long you've been a fan. If you are old enough to have been a fan for so long then act your age and don't act so childish. Be an adult and take care of the young fans who are getting crushed in the crowd rather than let it happen just because you want their spot. If you want a spot in line, get there early and don't disrespect other people who did.

We all have heard Gerard speak up about how he feels about elitists. Before one of the songs at this particular show, he even thanked all of the older fans for taking care of the newer ones, or something along those lines. Hah, I wish that he knew how terrible the elitism was in the crowd and that mostly everyone was only for themselves and had a "fuck you" mentality toward anybody who got in their way.

My experience seeing MCR was amazing. Unfortunately, I am trying to forget the rest.