Reflections on Christmas

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Reflections on Christmas

Hi. I hope you guys had a good Christmas, or whatever other holiday you may celebrate. I hope things are going well.

My Christmas wasn't as bad as I was expecting. It had it's moments, but overall it was pretty decent. It started with Young Frankenstein and hot chocolate, so it wasn't going to be a total bust. :D

Anyway, we went to my uncle's house for Christmas dinner. There wasn't a whole lot of gift giving. We don't have the money to give gifts this year, but my uncle's girlfriend gave us gifts this year. She gave me a bracelet and watch set from American Eagle Outfitters. It's blue and it's simple. Just my style. I like her a lot better than my uncle's ex-wife. She's actually human and she's really cute.

I happened to glance at my uncle's refrigerator while I was there. I saw something that kinda made me sad. First, I was utterly shocked to see one of my senior portraits up there. Not that my senior portrait shocks me, I just wasn't expecting to see it up on his refrigerator.... But not far from it, he has one of the poem cards from Grandma's funeral service. I recognized it immediately, not from the writing, but from the picture. He had it picture side out. It's the same one I have. Same exact picture of Mary praying with thorns behind her.

Later at dinner, Grandma came up in conversation. It's still so hard for us to talk about her. He started tearing up and I started tearing up when he told us that inviting us to Christmas dinner was his way of thanking us for taking care of her. He also said it came nowhere near the thanks we deserved. He seemed to look harder at me when he said it, but it could've been my imagination....

It's not like I had much to give up. Staying home to take care of her wasn't much of a change. And it's not like I was going to not do it. She's my grandma for Christ's sake.

I guess it's nice to be appreciated for once. It really wasn't that big a sacrifice, though, so I don't know what the big deal is.

Anyway, that was my Christmas. We had a lot of laughs though. We really need to get together with them more often.