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Really need some advice....

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Sofiehatesyou's picture
on August 18, 2014 - 5:59am


I really need some advice...... My best friend have been acting really wierd this year. He often don't show up when we've decided that we were going to hang out, and if he does it's 1 or 2 hours too late. He also comes up with bad excuses right before we are supposed to meet. He also use to ignore the texts I send him. He doesn't show any interest in hanging out with me any more. It seems like I'm not good enough for him anymore. Also when I sometimes text him when I'm depressed or anxious it almost feels like he blames me and are being rude. He tells me that I need to stop being so depressed all the time and that it's my fault because I don't act like I want to feel better. I struggle with depression, anxiety, stress and panic attacks and sometimes it feels like he takes it seriously or even want to help me. I aren't a annoying friend and I don't want Hume to act like this.

I really don't know what to do..... :c

Everyone that wants can send me a message btw <3