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MCR's break up......

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Sofiehatesyou's picture
on August 22, 2014 - 9:33am


Sorry for bringing this up, but lately i've thought a lot about MCR's break up.
It really kills me that they broke up. I'll never be able to see them live, listen to new song etc. it really kills me.

Yesterday I read that Mikey had bipolar disorder, had extremely bad depression (when they wrote The Black Parade and just recently), that he was close to suicide, that he was an alcoholic and drugaddict.
Do anyone know something more about this? It really makes me sad to know such an awesome persone have gone through that much.

I also read yesterday that through Danger Days Gerard had got into "old habits" which I guess is drugs/alcohol.

And for they others inte the band, have they ever been depressed/bullied/suicidal or been a drug addict/alcoholic? Just curios. :/