I've never been jealous before :/

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I've never been jealous before :/

So I actually thought I had dropped enough hints, flirted and made it subtlety obvious I had a thing for this guy. And I also thought he had started to like me back. Cloud nine basically.

That was until this weekend when he talks about still having a crush on my friend (and the last time he mentioned this was like 1 year ago so it seemed like he had gone off her)

I was heartbroken for the first time in my life. What's worse is (me being one of his close friends) I had to then smile and give him some advice on how to get her to like him.

I really love my friend to pieces but I keep getting little sparks of jealously every time he mentions her. He always seems so affectionate towards her and I'm back to being one of the guys.

I know I can't be her but sometimes I wish I was.