You don't know a thing about this life. Killjoy story chapters 7 and 8. Sorry for the wait.

I'm so sorry for the wait for chapters. I couldn't find a ending for chapter 8 and chapter 7 is short so I combined them. I hope whoever reads this enjoys it. Chapter 5 and 6 ended with Neon and Midnight becoming Party and Kobra's sidekicks. Then Neon ran out of the room and tried to get away. Party stopped her and cheered her up.

Chapter 7
"What's that?" I asked Party quietly looking in the direction of the now closer footsteps. We pulled out our Rayguns and pointed them toward the direction of the noise. Fun Ghoul came out looking as pale as a ghost. "Don't shoot! I brought everyone down here because you guys disapeared and we heard a thump and then a scream and we thought she...." He trailed off. I looked down he thought I committed suicide. I looked at his face and saw a slight trace of tears. Suddenly Jet Star, Kobra, and the rest came up looking worried I looked at my sister who was bawling. I went over to the group and hugged them. "Hey I'm still here. You know I would never do that." I loomed at Party who nodded then joined the hug. We stood there for a minute then Jet Star spoke up. "We just weren't sure if you did or not because your sister told us about some stuff and that's what makes most people..." I stood there for a minute unsure of what to say. "Look I'm fine. Nothing happened I just needed some air and I tripped that's when Party came up and scared me. It's fine" I could tell by their faces they didn't believe me but decided to drop it. I looked at the clock it was defiantly time to go the sun was just rising. Party showed us to a car they drove but decided we could follow them in our own car until we reached California. We saw this really cool gray fast driving looking car in a parking lot next door.
End of chapter 7

Chapter 8
Now I don't say it's a good thing to steal a car but borrowing works. We walked across the lot. "I don't think this is a good idea." Midnight looked around. "It's fine in this town they can get a new car." Fun Ghoul said smiling. We found the keys then took the car after putting a little something on the car to brighten it up. I looked at our quick decoration to the car which made it look cooler. It had a giant scorpion on it and a ton of other stuff. We got in the car with Phant-o-Dramatic, Black Skyline, and Psyco Child. I decided to drive since they really didn't want to. We followed the fab. four then we got lost. "Were are we at anyhow?" Phant-o asked me. "I don't know anymore after that dust store everything got weird." the others were no help since they fell asleep. Suddenly a Bli car drove up. Fuck my mind raced I woke up everyone and we got out of the car. I saw about 9 or 10 dracs get out of the cars as Korse slowly grinned. Midnight shot nervously at a Drac but missed. "It looks like two new little colorfulls." Korse said walking closer. We shot but the dracs pinned Phant-o, Black Skyline, and Psycho Child down and blocked Midnight out. "Well it looks like this one is valuable Korse smiled touching my hair. "DON'T TOUCH ME!" I hissed at him and tried to kick at him. That was a bad idea he had some dracs grab me as one put a gun to my head. "RUN!!!" I shouted at Midnight. Korse walked up to Midnight and smiled. "Sisters. They could help ruin us." He said as a Drac grabbed my sister. I looked at the others but the drakes seemed to have knocked them out. I felt a wet cloth go over my face and I started to get dizzy. I saw my sister stuggle then the world went dark.

End of chapter 8 I hope you enjoyed it I will get more of the story up soon. Sorry for the delay I hope you enjoyed the chapters.