You hey you! Yes you the one with a nose! Read this shit! And tell me about yo life!#OperationPostAboutAnythingButMCR

Hello there! I got your attention didn't I? You don't Have I read it if you don't want to, but hey read it!
So I've changed school even though Its extremely late to say this. I have no friends in my new school, just the librarian and the teachers. My old friends splitted up, apparently they never liked each other, they just acted to be friends for me. Everyone at my new school is stupid and ignorant. I've been very sad. While at my old school I was one of the best but not close to the best. I'm like a genius in here, literally. I have been in constant company of only books and you guys. Even though I don't have much friends here,no friends actually, I just like to see you guys talk. I'm currently reading Lord Of the Rings Book 1 since I have never watched the movies. I was invited by the school to go to a Math Contest and Art Contest, but since they told us about the Math thing first my dad said it was better that even though It was more expensive. I didn't know which to choose. I've also been almost failing Band class, because my ADD causes me trouble differencing notes, I can't distinguish at all musical notes. So this is my life right now, what's yours?