wrote a poem: plases let me know what you think

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wrote a poem: plases let me know what you think

Im in a word as beautiful as can be
Im on my own no one but me

Then suddenly it starts to crack and fall
As you scream out your harshest call

The world turns from green to black
As my world begins to lack

And tears streaming down my face
As you start to destroy my place

Your harsh comments all like a knife
Twisting and turning in my life

Im no angel im not pretty at all
I know this when you start to crawl

You desert me here filled with doubt
Why wont you just get out

Now I look in a mirror and cant bear to see
I only look in and your staring straight back at me

Then I look around and all I see
Is everything that will never be me

Skinny, pretty and worthy for love
Im fat, ugly and a fucked up mess, im no dove

Then you come back with your knife
Pulling me away from the good in life

I catch a glimpse of who you are all my life you were never far
Only to see that you are me

You took my blade and drew on me
This drew blood im tragic with a capital T

And one last thing to say – I HATE YOU