T-Shirt Compliments

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T-Shirt Compliments

I always seem to get compliments on my graphic t-shirts, particularly my Big Bang Theory Dr. Mr. shirt from Hot Topic and my MCR shirt. On Friday at the bonfire, I got at least 3 compliments on my shirt (and a few on my hair, but people like when I wear my hair down and straighten it, mostly cuz they're surprised at how long it is). And today, I went to Target and the cashier told me he liked my MCR shirt and something along the lines of, "MCR is the best."

Oh, and at Target, I got the limited edition EOS Alice in Wonderland inspired collection, with the flavors Watermelon Wonderland, Sweet Vanilla Nonsense, and Blueberry Potion.

:( I had to spend like the whole day cleaning though, because the landlord put a letter on the door saying they were coming to inspect. They should've given us more notice (they didn't even tell us a week ahead of time, it was like 4 days or some shit).

-Ritalin Kitty