stuff that happened today

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stuff that happened today

So I did round 2 of the orchestra auditions today. He said I have perfect intonation, so I think that's good, because when taking a test, he always points out bad intonation.

Also, there was a yearbook signing party yesterday, where you could get your yearbook early if you ordered one. I didn't go because I didn't want to waste my money and I didn't think my mom bought me a yearbook. It turns out she did, but because I didn't go to the yearbook signing party, I now have to wait until Tuesday

To whoever suggested Ritalin Kitty as a killjoy name, thank you. I'm not entirely sure about it yet, but I'm about 80% sure that I will use it.

Ugh, my friend Alondra tried to say One Direction is better than MCR and that they're shitty. Rule number one of getting along with me is to never insult MCR (or P!ATD or FOB or any band I listen to). The fucking nerve. I'm sorry, but the only thing I like about One Direction is that they're from the UK. They're not attractive and their music isn't good and it has no meaning. MCR has good music, they're from New Jersey, and almost every single song has some sort of meaning, if not multiple meanings. Now I agree with MSI that you don't have to make every song have a meaning. Sometimes you can just have fun with the music. But if absolutely none of your songs have any meaning whatsoever, you shouldn't be a musician. Every single 1D song that I've heard has been about a girl.