Planetary (GO!), Party Poison, and Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)

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Planetary (GO!), Party Poison, and Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)

Ok, so I just sang those songs, and they are hella difficult to sing. I have even more respect for Gerard now. I mean, its not like the notes are hard to hit, but you lose your breath so easily when singing them, especially when singing Planetary (GO!).

I went to the mall today. It was kind of lame, I didn't buy anything, not even from Hot Topic. And when we went to Aeropostale and Pacsun, my mother tried to convince me to buy a pair of black short shorts. I'm skinny and my calves look fine, but I've always had a problem with my thighs. And we went to JCPenney's and I got 2 bras. Yeah, my mom didn't believe me when I said I'm a 36B (aka her size), but I definitely am. Ugh and almost all of my bras are still a 36A. Its tight as fuck and annoying as hell. Especially because my friends think I have a tiny ass chest. 1) I'm not that tall, so its proportionate to my height. 2) My friends are C cups.

And finals start on Monday. Thursday and Friday are going to be minimum days, meaning school is from 7- 11:30 or some shit. Friday is going to be my last day of school. Ugh I have to perform Romeo and Juliet. My friends are going to make me dance. I can't dance for shit, and I feel so uncomfortable dancing. I literally had a C in PE at one point because I failed the dance unit. Most of it was that the teacher would play these hip hop songs and you were supposed to do the dance. And I'm just like "I don't listen to hip hop. How the fuck am I supposed to know the dance? By osmosis or something? Through psychic brainwaves? It doesn't work like that." And I kept telling her that I listen to alternative rock, not hip hop, and she kept failing me. She resigned though and went to another school, so its all good now.

And I got the summer assignment for AP Euro. You have to label all the rivers, countries, capitals, etc. of Europe. There's gonna be a quiz the first day on the geography of Europe. And then we have to write a 500 word essay (not really that difficult, though), read Utopia by Thomas More and answer questions, and parts of The Prince by Niccolo Macchiavelli and answer questions. Not terrible, but the geography thing is gonna suck. Last year I failed almost every single map quiz.