My Addiction

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My Addiction

Before you read the rest of this blog, I should tell you my addiction is not to drugs, or alcohol, or cutting, or anything like that. Oh no, my addiction is to something far worse.... known only as *dun dun dun* YouTube *le gasp*.

I have a legit addiction to YouTube. I literally spend almost all of my time on YouTube. I get pissed when I check my subscription box and not a single video is there. I have watched countless interviews of various bands I like (especially MCR). I have even gotten to the excessively cute part of YouTube, occupied by babies of all sorts (including animal babies). I have gotten to the point where I have watched The Pregnancy Pact... multiple times. And the worst is... I have subscribed to many different beauty gurus. *gasp* And I have a routine, I always watch YouTube beauty gurus when I eat either lunch, or Nutella.

Its bad. I spend way too much time on YouTube. Virtually all of my computer time (from 6 am to 10 pm) is spent on YouTube.

I need a hobby.

-Ritalin Kitty