I'm done being bullied by my own damn family.

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I'm done being bullied by my own damn family.

Ugh seriously. I'm so done with my mom and sister's bullshit.

My sister is under the impression that she's older than me and therefore the boss, but I'm older and she refuses to let me do what I want. I want to sing, I can't because she's "reading". (I just heard her turn on her computer btw.) I want water, I can't have any because our other little sister has to drink water. Bitch stfu. If she's really that damn thirsty she can have some fucking chocolate milk, sweet tea, or lemonade. She blackmails me all the time and I'm so sick of it.

My mom bullies me because of my music preferences. Last year, I was really into rock, and she called me emo all the time. I still love rock, but I've also gotten into K-Pop. Here's the thing about K-Pop: my mom thinks its exactly the same as American pop but trust me, its not. The artists there train for years to be K-Pop stars. They sing, dance, rap, and they also have to be funny and entertaining. Every single has some sort of dance to it. Another difference? Every single guy is in guyliner. Also, American pop is ruled by soloists, but in K-Pop its all about the groups. I like it better because the artists are actually talented (except certain females who rely too much on sexiness...HyunA). SHINee writes about half their songs (because they've been stuck with a rather shitty company), and BIGBANG has written every single song except their first EP (by BIGBANG, I mean 2/5 of BIGBANG, cuz only GD&TOP actually do shit). Like what do you want from me? Make up your damn mind! First I'm emo for liking rock, but I'm stupid now for liking K-Pop? WTF?