How to be a Killjoy- Living in the Desert

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How to be a Killjoy- Living in the Desert

1) Be prepared for some bipolar ass weather, especially during the times when it should be fall or spring. I literally go outside and don't have any idea whether or not its gonna be cold.

2) It is constantly sunny out here in the desert, so don't think that it'll be hot just because its sunny. It is also a very good idea to bring sunglasses.

3) It gets really windy at the most random moments in the desert, so I suggest bringing a bandana or something to cover your nose and mouth if necessary. There is nothing worse than running a mile and feeling like you've breathed in about a pound of dirt, not to mention it makes your nose sting really bad, which will only lead to a random sneezing fit later.

4) Beware of snakes, spiders, and scorpions. Snakes aren't always poisonous, but that bite is gonna hurt either way. As far as spiders go, there are a fuckload of black widows, so I suggest you be careful and avoid those. Scorpions seem to be less common, considering that I have never personally seen one, but when my grandma first moved to the desert, there was a tree full of scorpions near her front door and she found a couple scorpions inside the house.

5) I suggest covering up as much as possible, which will minimize cuts and scrapes. Falling on the dirt is one of the easiest ways to scrape yourself up. Wearing long sleeves and jeans can prevent those scrapes, or at least decrease their size.

6) Always have water with you. Always.

I think there's probably more I need to add, but that's all I have right now. Oh, this is from personal experience btw, I actually live in the motherfucking California desert.

-Ritalin Kitty

PS: Do not comment about how the killjoy era is over, because it never really will be (same goes for Bullets, Revenge, and TBP). Killjoys never die.