The Bonfire

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The Bonfire

Ok, so yesterday from 7-10 pm there was a bonfire at my school. Well, they called it a bonfire, but it was 2 fireplace size fires, so it wasn't exactly a bonfire, but anyway...

It was really fun. I hung out with my friend Jerell for a couple minutes until I found my friends Tiffany and Jeanny. Soon after, Gangnam Style started playing, and I think it was the first time that I ever danced in public on purpose. Lol and Tiffany had me and Jeanny stand near the fire and pretend to be firebenders. Anyways, I spotted my old friend Riley (Riley is the friend with the Ray Toro afro and the one who introduced me to MCR), and hung out with her for a while, and then I hung out with my friend Ruben.

I think the funniest moment was when I was with Ruben and Nixie, and Nixie got a glow stick, and apparently the glow stick broke because her hands started glowing blue. And the blue glowy liquid inside of the glow stick somehow got on the crotch of her pants, so it looked like she pissed glow stick liquid or something.

I think I liked this event because no one was being all that judgemental and it was really casual, as opposed to school dances, where they're all formal and you have to wear a dress and shit.

Ugh, the smoke from the fire made me lose my voice though.

-Ritalin Kitty