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Hi Guys!

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skellington01's picture
on June 19, 2014 - 7:06pm

Hey! I haven't been on in forever! Recently I've been on an MCR kick (before that it was Disney songs-don't judge!!) which caused me to come back on here. So yeah.
A lot has changed since I've posed routinely--I don't wanna say I've grown up but I've changed. I'm not bullied anymore (thank God!!!), I'm more like that kid that people know who I am, but they don't really talk to me or anything (which I'm cool with), and I've got a pretty awesome group of friends for the first time since like fourth grade. On top of all that I'm far more comfortable with myself as a person-which helps tremendously.
Since school's finally out and I don't work until later in the day most days I'm gonna try to post on here more often. :)