Happiness is a Warm Gun (bang bang shoot shoot)

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Happiness is a Warm Gun (bang bang shoot shoot)

Please listen to this song. I like it a lot. Let me know what you think about it!
The ending is nice XD At 1:35, my fav part starts.

Martha My Dear is sooo bad ass. No, not really. But its a good song. So is Yer Blues!!! Any Beatles fan knows that Rocky Raccoon is seriously BAD-ASS. Paul's fake western accent in the beginning sucks. Sorry Paul. mwhahaha

I love The Beatles. They basically introduced me to music, which is how I discovered MCR!
Ohhhh how I love The Beatles, but I love My Chemical Romance too :)

I wore my MCR shirt today. And I wore it with pride ;)

Heres a cheesy joke my friend told me:
Why did the cook get arrested?
Because he was caught beating an egg.

hahaha...... yeahhh........uhhhh.....
I fucking love cheesy jokes :D