well whatever

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well whatever

Well, first I'm not sure if I have all my papers for registration today in 35 minutes.

I finally am getting closer to the one who was once my friend, but I've realized that things can and will never be the same between us.

My sister is angry at me for no reason.

It seems the only ones who've made me smile genuinely are the rest of the percussionists in the pit with me. I'm the youngest (freshman- they are any grade above me or whatever), but they treat me like I'm one of them. They like rock 'n roll, awesome videos on youtube (don't hug me i'm scared lol) and let me eat their food even though they've already put they're mouth on it (or whatever excuses people come up with).

I feel like I'm trying to keep myself down, so I don't get my hopes up when I'm happy. I can't get knocked down if I'm already there.

My friends in pit shared a brownie with me, and after the drum major took a bite, she asked if the one who offered put anything in it and then we all laughed as she said, "I probably should've asked that first." Then we were making jokes about how she wouldn't need anesthetic when she went to the dentist later and were doing imitations of things she might say and stuff. I guess pit is the only thing that truly makes me happy.

I guess music really is my life.

It's strange because I don't even want to talk to my British friend, and I almost always tell him about my problems. I guess I'm just feeling sorry for myself because the only person I talk to about anything that I really care about lives in a different country.

I hope my ID picture comes out fine even though I'm ugly. lol It probably won't.

~Singer Not a Dancer~