Well, I see a lot of sad posts on here, so I'm gonna post something happy hoping you all will feel happy that I'm happy

I swear... I'm falling. I'm falling hard, too...

If he doesn't catch me, I'm going to fall to the bottom... in the deep abyss.

He will though. He's already got my full attention. Who am I talking about? Only the guy who's liked me for about two years straight! I'm smiling just typing this because I get to think about him... about Jaiden.

My mom asked me today, "So Amber. Is it puppy love or real love?" I feel like it's real love, but since I haven't necessarily fallen in love AND in puppy love, I wouldn't be able to differentiate between the two, but... I feel like it's real love.

He just makes me feel like the best thing in the world. It's as if no other girl exists except me... as if I'm the most precious thing... And he's not possessive or controlling. He doesn't criticize me in any way... even when I'm a total bish. (I'm trying to stop swearing.) If I do something not so great, he'll suggest for me to do it in a different way or politely correct me. If I snap at him... he just doesn't do anything. I feel really bad afterwards, but then, we kinda just forget about it...

He honestly loves me for who I am! He doesn't care about kissing or touching or any of that stuff! I just want to be in a relationship where we're basically friends... but it's more than that. Does that make any sense? Yeah... I think it does. He honestly cares for me and about me. He trusts me so much that I just think that I don't deserve him! I've lied to him when he has NEVER lied to me. If anything, he'll give me a vague answer or says he doesn't want to talk about it. I can't I'm the same because I lie all the time, and it hurts, but lately... I haven't been lying to him at all. I don't need to.

He's just perfect... He's not pressuring me or anything. He's waiting just for me! For two years he has been in the "friend zone". He has not tried to make any moves other than complimenting me and making me blush and such...

The other day, I texted him. He quickly called me to tell me that he didn't know if he could use his phone because he thought he was grounded. I told him that I understood. He quickly told me and I quote, "See ya later- tomorrow- Amber. Luv yu." I think- no- I KNOW that he means it. He's even sneaking it into our conversations now! He just makes me feel... just makes me feel like I'm living in a dramatic teenage romance novel!- in a good way. Later (about the time when I needed to go to sleep as well as him), I had a missed call from him , so I called him back. He said, "I'm sorry for earlier. I just found out that I'm grounded from my phone. I'm actually not supposed to be using it right now, but I just wanted to say goodnight. Love you." I felt so happy. He makes all the bad things go away... He even texted me after that, but my mom made me go to sleep. We've even held hands before... It may not seem like much but with a self-esteem like me... (which is terrible) it's a miracle.

He honestly loves me, and it makes me smile. He even said that he hates to sleep and dream because nothing compares to reality with me. Isn't that just so romantic? And... this may seem a bit creepy, but even in my dreams, (which he's been showing up in for the passed week) I can feel my feelings and love for him.

I told my mom about how sweet he was and she literally said, "That's how they all are until high school. Then, all they want to do is have sex!" She said it seriously. I pointed out that he goes to church every Sunday, has a purity ring, and plans to abstain until marriage. She doesn't believe in him... so he's made it his personal goal to prove to my mom that he's not going to pressure me into anything nor have sex all throughout high school. I love how he keeps trying to impress my parents...

So... he has a few missing assignments in school, so his mom came today to make sure he did his work, and she even talked with his teachers. Jaiden told me that next semester, he couldn't get lower than a B. He needed all A's. For motivation, he made a little competition between the two of us. It was a competition of the grades. Whoever got higher grades as well as who could keep them up the longest. We even put a little wager on it. If I win, (which I will though he begs to differ) from the end of eighth grade until the end of high school, (including summers) if I ask him a question, he has to answer truthfully, no matter how much he doesn't want to. If HE wins, (which he won't) I owe him ten favors from the end of eighth grade to the end of high school. I actually need to get my grades higher too seeing as I have B's in some of my classes (which apparently isn't good enough for my parents) so this is a good way to motivate me into getting better grades. We're both very competitive, so... this is going to be interesting.

Do you think we'll make it in high school as a couple? Who do you think is going to win the competition? Am I just asking questions that none of you will answer? Reply in comment section down below and have a good night/day/evening/afternoon/dawn/dusk/slumber/life!

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