Random Post!!!

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Random Post!!!

Well, my computer is being stupid. It's not letting me upload the pictures I took today!! Grrr... Well, a few days ago, (or maybe yesterday?) my cousin put makeup on me. Not like in the mean way where she puts too much eyeshadow and stuff. Like genuinely, made me look... different. Lots of (calm) words were said between my mom and myself. She wanted me to wear more makeup to make me look prettier. I decided that I would wear makeup today, seeing that it is a special occasion. (HAPPY INTERNATIONAL MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE DAY!!!) I remembered all the steps my cousin did to put the makeup on. But seeing as I'm me, and I fail at being a girl (when it comes to cosmetics) I failed. I put on too much eyeliner. And not enough blush, and I didn't even know what color eyeshadow she put on me! When she put the eyeliner on me, it made my eyes pop. When I put it on, it made me look like a zombie. (Well, in my opinion.)

One reason. One VERY good reason I don't do makeup. And my mom is about to see it. I wonder what her reaction will be!!

I'll try to upload my pictures later. :D:D:D:D:D:D

-Shooting Star