One Night Too Many

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One Night Too Many

"Sanders!" My commanding officer called. I instantly went to his side.

"Yes, sir?" He of course was dressed sharply for his age. A Calvin Klein tux along with the classic black tie, black shoes, and proffessional sunglassess even though we were indoors. You never know who could be watching. The less they know of our looks and names, the better. Sanders wasn't even my real last name. Of course I can't tell you it either.

"I'm going to be out on a mission for the rest of the week. I'm taking some of the higher agents along wth me. I need all the help I can get. You need to keep this place under tight security. You're in chrge until I get back." I nodded.

"Yes, sir. Right away sir." My hands were clasped behind my back. It was the position of respect and well as obidience.

"You are dismissed. We'll be leaving immediately." With that, he nodded and left along with some of the secret service agents. Yes. I was a scret agent. I may not be a secret service agent, but I sure was secret. I sure was important. I watched silently as my boss and coleages left the room swiftly. I went to the center of the room with the whiteboard behind me. I cleared my throat. Some of my coworkers stopped their typing, or filing, or whatever they were currently doing to pay attention to me. I visbly frowned.

"Attention Vicinity 6A Bettas!" I barked. My harsh voice traveled through the air quickly. The room was silent. All eyes were on me.

"Mr. Sancti has gone off for a week long mission with some of the secret service agents." I saw them about to groan and protest, so I spoke quickly. "I have to fill in for him at the moment. We all know our jobs, so I'm sure we won't have any problems. This does not give you a chance to take more frequent breaks or lack in your work. I am in command now. I will not settle for anything less than perfect. Continue!" Most were my friends or at least good company, so I didn't have to do the speech, but the boss requested that whenever he leave to be sure to get the message across that they were not allowed to slack off. I stepped away from the whiteboard, and everyone continued their work.

I walked over to my desktop. There wasn't much here. I had a couple supplies here and there. It was quite neat due to the lack of uneeded items such as erasers seeing as it was mandatory to use pens. I sat down in my roller chair and began typing my report from one of the agent's recent mission. I finished early and didn't know what to do. I got up and saw that I'd been typing for a good four hours. It was three in the afternoon now. I decided that this would be a good time for a lunch break.

I rubbed my eyes and headed to the break room. There were more people in here than usual. They were speaking in a hushed manner. I walked, and suddenly, it went quiet. Their eyes were fixed on me as I reached for a bagel.

"Can I help you?" I asked out of politeness. They instantly looked away and left. It was odd. Something was coming. It was something bad. I couldn't put my finger on it, but it seemed familiar. It was a wave of uneasiness. It was my gut instinct, I realized. I need to keep a closer eye on them... after my bagel.

I sat down in one of the chairs and prepared my bagel. I put it in the toaster after cutting it in half and paced around the silent break room. When the bagel popped up, the sound echoed. Everything was quiet. I couldn't even hear the soft tapping of the typists. I glanced out the door of the break room to see them speaking softly to each other. I hurriedly spread cream cheese over my bagel. I placed it on a plastic plate and made my way to me desk. I took a bite out of my bagel. I'd skippe breakfast this morning, so this was just what I needed. The whispering stopped, and the typing as well as the shuffeling of papers endorsed once again.

This was not good. As long as they didn't do anything... I finished my bagel and continued on extra work that I didn't have to do until tomorrow. I was so absorbed in what I was doing, I didn't notice how quiet it'd gone again. I looked up to find myself surrounded by who I thought were good company and friends. I didn't even have to look to know that they were armed.

"What is this?" I asked, getting out of my seat turning around in a 360. I didn't have any weapons with me. We trusted each other. It was part of the code.

"This has gone one night too many! We're sick of being unappreciated! Why don't we ever get a chance at being in charge? We're just as useful as you! We're just as important! You know what? We're more important! We're better at our jobs than you! He just doesn't see that for whetever reason," Hans, one of my closer friends, said.

"Then, why are you coming after me? I only do as he tells me! If anything, you're supposed to go after him!" What I was saying was considered treasonous. I could get in a lot of trouble for saying it, but that was the least of my troubles. Hans smirked.

"You're going to be our message. Parts of you will be gift wrapped personally for him!" I knew what I had to do. He raised his fire arm at me. It was as if the whole world slowed down. The trigger was pulled, and the bullet came racing toward me. I barrel rolled foward off to the side, narrowly missing the bullet. I stayed close to the ground, keeping my center of gravity balanced. He quickly reaimed his hand gun at me. I took my only chance and zig-zaged through the croud of traitors. They tackled me to the ground. I fought with all my might. I managed to throw off a couple of them, but I was trapped and outnumbered. My nose was bleeding, and my lip was busted. I didn't ever feel myself getting hit, but I sure felt it now.

Hans pointed his gun at me once again, clearly annoyed with my fighting back. "Now, stop moving, will you? I want a clean bullet through the brain!" I struggled a bit more, but I couldn't get away. The gun was pointed straight at my head. I was about to give in when he spoke the words that motivated me. "You were always the most useless one here." This made me angry. I was NOT useless! A surge of adrenaline allowed me to pull my hands and legs free from being pinned to the ground. In doing so, I managed to get myself a fire arm. I shot at the people around me. They were wearing bulletproof vests, but the impact still hurt. Hans and his group of followers quickly left the building. I saw a couple of people towards the back who seemed to be hiding from the traitors. It's good to know there are still some good people out there. They slowly made there way toward me. I gave them a sad smile.

"Just to let you know," one of them started, "you're not useless. Honestly, you're probably better than the rest of us. I think I can speak for all of us when I saw that you are a hero, and we owe you our lives." The rest of the group of five or six nodded. "You're hurt. Let us help you!"

I was too tired to tell them not to worry, that I've faced worse, but honestly, I liked the attention of being more than a leader, or a worker, but a friend, a hero at that.

I closed my eyes and sat in my chair as they cleaned my face up and apparantly, I'd been grazed by a bullet, so that was cleaned, too. Afterward, I looked at each and every one of them.

"Anyone up for Chinese?"


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