Okay I'm not starting this today (or I might later but) here's the list so I won't forget! 31 DAYS MCR CHALLENGE OR SOMETHING

Day 1: Why do you love My Chemical Romance
Day 2: How did you start listening to My Chemical Romance?
Day 3: Have you ever seen My Chemical Romance? If so, describe the concert.
Day 4: Favourite Album and why?
Day 5: Favourite song from ‘I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love’, and why?
Day 6: Favourite song from ‘Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge’, and why?
Day 7: Favourite song from ‘The Black Parade’, and why?
Day 8: Favourite song from ‘Danger Days’, and why?
Day 9: Favourite song from ‘Conventional Weapons’, and why?
Day 10: Favourite scene from ‘Life On The Murder Scene’, and why?
Day 11: Favourite scene from ‘The Black Parade Is Dead’, and why?
Day 12: Favourite picture of My Chemical Romance?
Day 13: Favourite member of My Chemical Romance and why?
Day 14: Which song would you like MCR to make a music video for and what is your vision for it?
Day 15: Favourite My Chemical Romance music video, and why?
Day 16: If you could say anything to a member of MCR, what would you say and who would it be to?
Day 17: A picture of Gerard.
Day 18: Favourite lyric or lyrics, and why?
Day 19: A picture of Frank.
Day 20: Favourite live performance and why?
Day 21: A picture of Ray.
Day 22: Favourite interview with any member of the band and why?
Day 23: A picture of Mikey.
Day 24: The My Chemical Romance that always makes you happy.
Day 25: A picture of merchandise you own.
Day 26: A picture of MCR together.
Day 27: Favourite quote from a member of the band.
Day 28: What would you do if you could spend a day with the band?
Day 29: Favourite Tweet from a member of the band.
Day 30: Tell us about your Killjoy personality.
Day 31: Write a letter to the band.