In Love With All of These Vampires Last Chapter!!

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In Love With All of These Vampires Last Chapter!!

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Since I'm too lazy and have lost inspiration to finish this the way I wanted to, I'm gonna make this a good chapter and stuff! Well, here goes...
Amber's POV:

"What do you mean vampire hunter?" I asked the little girl. My head was killing me, but it felt a lot better.

"Don't play dumb with me. Only a natural born vampire hunter could have your skills." She leaned close to my face. Her violet eyes were burning with almost, could I say, anger? "It was your kind who killed my fiance! I hate you all! YOU'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!" I felt an incredible pain explode throughout my body. I arched my back in pain as I writhed on the cot.

"B- bi*ch!" I choked out. My lungs constricted.

"How dare you use that vulgar language at me! I used to be royalty! How you have the nerve to speak to me like that!!" Her pale pink hair glowed a hot pink light. She made my blood boil. I don't even know why, but I just had... I just HAD to end her. I got so ANGRY! My anger grew and grew, and in a matter of seconds, all I saw was red. I let my anger- no... I let my RAGE consume my body. In an instant, the pain stopped.

I was breathing hard, but I didn't care. I raised my hand and made her fly across the room. I shook her around like a rag doll. I heard many crunching sounds of her body breaking. Finally, I dropped her on the ground. She was lying there, limp.

I felt so thirsty afterwards. My throat was burning with dryness. It ached for something to ease the pain.

Bump. Bump. Bump.

It echoed throughout the room. I tried to find the source and heard it coming from the little girl. I walked over to her slowly... I couldn't control myself. I just knew I had to get the noise. I keeled down next to her.


It was her heartbeat. It was pumping blood throughout her body. My mouth watered. I felt my gums throbbing with need. I leaned down to her neck and felt the pulse there. I felt something extract from my gums. I didn't care in that moment. I just knew that they were long and pointy. I allowed whatever was in my mouth to pierce through the vampire's soft skin.

Warmth deliciousness exploded on tongue. I lapped up the blood hungrily. I felt starving suddenly. I just needed more of her blood. Blood. Blood blood bloodbloodblood. It took over my mind and instincts. I just needed more of it and more of it and more and more and more and MORE! and... gone?

I lifted my head. The body of the little girl was paler than normal and suddenly, she turned into dust. I just drained her of all her blood... I licked my lips and flinched when I felt something sharper than a knife in my mouth. I carefully ran my tongue over them.

Fangs, I realized. I'm a vampire? For some reason... the thought didn't scare me. It felt... It didn't really feel like anything. I just felt neutral... Maybe even natural? Suddenly, a head splitting headache engulfed me. I held my hand to my forehead. What was happening?

I fell to the floor as it happened. I gasped as it flooded me. I... smiled. I even giggled a bit. Well, that was a surprise...

I stood up feeling better than I had in CENTURIES!! I walked out of the room with confidence. I saw a couple of vampires lounging around. None of them noticed me until I was nearly out the door of the dark and rather plain house.

"Hey! What're -" He was cut off as I stared at him with a playful smirk on my face. He reached at the force that was gripping his throat tightly. I finally let go as his struggles were too amusing. The others seemed to take a little longer in realizing who I was... or should I say wasn't?

"You will follow me at a distance. You will do as I say and never disagree," I stated simply. They nodded, fear etched on their faces. I smiled. "Good boys." I left the house and ran to the house that I knew. No. It wasn't my house. It was the boys' house. My Chemical Romance's temporary house. I let myself in and headed into the living room. There I was Mikey Way, enjoying his coffee.

He collapsed to the floor. He was struggling against my power. I tsked. It slightly offends me that he thinks that he is more powerful than me. He couldn't see me since he was facing the opposite direction. It took him about a minute of pain for him to recognize me. At that moment, I released him. He sat up quickly and turned to face me. His eyes widened in recognition and fear.

"M-m-mistress?" He stuttered. I smiled at my old name. It's been a while since I'd heard it. I went and sat cross-legged in front of him. It was obvious how uncomfortable he was being this close to me.

"It's been a while, Michael. I'm surprised you still remember my name." I laughed lightly. He managed a nervous smile.

"How could I have forgotten? Everyone in the society knew your name." He gulped loudly. "And after all, I was one of your most loyal servants." I frowned at him.

"Then you know that I do not tolerate lying and double crossing. You did both. You were working for the kind while you were working for me! You were feeding him information! HOW COULD YOU?!" I shouted at him. The house trembled, threatening to cave in. I was so angry. He was never really my 2nd in command. He was just the king's little spy.

"No! I'm sorry! I- I didn't mean to! They threatened me!" He lied once again. I stood up abruptly, my power radiating around my dangerously.

"THEN YOU COULD'VE COME TO ME! YOU COULD'VE HANDLED THE SITUATION YOURSELF! WE BOTH KNOW THIS!! WHY DO YOU KEEP FEEDING ME THESE LIES?!" I aimed my hand at him. There were tears in his eyes now. I quickly made a fist and pulled my hand back. He let out an agonizing scream. He was panting, laying limp on the floor. He was much weaker now... He was human. I left him there and went into the basement where the stench of death clung to the air like a child does its mother. I saw the three men laying there in pools of their own blood.

They could sense me. I knew this. They were simply too weak to acknowledge it. They couldn't even lift their heads. I walked to the center of the basement. I heard moaning as the one with fluffy hair, Ray, struggled to meet my gaze. It was something not many would dare try. I was a dictator. I disliked the king and his followers. I was creating my own army and kingdom. The kind and his followers kept getting in my way though.

I held my hand out sent out a gentle wave of power to the helpless men. Their wounds healed and gained their strength back again. They looked to me and kept their heads down. All of then except Ray. He was my first follower. He should've been my second in command.

"My queen," he stated. I smiled at him.

"Oh, Ray. You and your formalities." I rolled my eyes playfully. "You may raise your heads. You have endured enough to last a lifetime. it was quite cruel of Michael to torture you all for following me." They nodded at me. "It's your turn though. You may do as you please with him. I have turned him back into a human. Have at him."

I left quickly and ran to my closest and most trust worthy friend. I found Christina sitting in her room. Before she said anything, I gave her back her memory. She gasped. She worked as my double agent quite some time ago.

"Well, it took you long enough!" She complained. I smiled.

"Well, I'm back now. The king is off my case and will be at his weakest now because he thinks that I have died. Let's show him how wrong he is." We both smirked at each other and walked off to find the remains of my army.

No one was going to stand in my way now.

I was finally going to achieve my life-long goal.

Kill the king.

Well, that took long enough for me to write. Sorry about not updating for like 6 months or so... Well, better late than never. Also, I'm going to be updating my other fanfiction soon, so watch out for it. I'm just going to end it in a chapter like how I did with this. i'm writing a new story... well more like and online diary about my life and I posted something about, so just look at like two blogs ago...

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