In Love With All Of These Vampires Chapter 18

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In Love With All Of These Vampires Chapter 18

Christina's POV:
Vampire. Vampire in my room. Scary vampire. Bad vampire. How could Amber be so calm in a time like this? And to even ask him a question! Ray smirked.
"I came to ask questions. Not to answer them. What did Mikey ask you?" He didn't seem to know who Moikey had asked, so he directed his question at Amber.
"That's none of your business, Raymondo!" Amber said bravely. I hid more behind her. Oh Amber. You're cockiness is going to kill us someday. I heard an intake of breath. I peedked out from behind Amber's shoulder. Ray was changing again. What is he going to change into? He began to shrink. His eyes started becoming bloodshot. I can already tell that the thing he's going to change into is bad. It's going to be dangerous. He went onto all fours. His nose began to change, get longer. It got draker. Fur started sprouting all over his body. Wolf.
"He's changing into a wolf, Amber!" I felt Amber stiffen. Then, she relaxed.
"I know what to do. Just relax, Chrissy." He completely changed into a wolf. Where did his clothes go? Ewww... gross. He's practically naked. He growled at us. "Wow. I never thought I'd see the day when a vampire turned into a werewolf." How could she say something like that?! The werewolf growled again. Amber stood up slowly. "Stand up, Chrissy."
"Whu?" I was confused, but I did as she said. She wasn't taking her eyes off the wolf-Ray?
"Ray. When you turn into animals, do you get their instincts?"
"Yeah. Why?" He had growled, but under the growl, you could hear his voice.
"Whu da fudge?" This is so weird. I'm dreaming. Yes. I'm dreaming. There are no such things as vampires, or shape-shifters, or any of that. I pinched my arm. Ouch! Nope. This is real.
"Christina. Back up slowly towards your closet. She seems to know what she's doing. The wolf/Ray growled. "Slower." He took a menacing step closer. Then another. "Run, Chrissy!" She pushed me back towards the closet. The wolf-Ray leapt at us. I scrambled backwards toward the closet. She didn't tell me what to do, but I know what she wants me to do. I opened the closet and went in. I shut the closet and curled into a ball.
"Bad doggy! No attacking people!" I heard snickering.
"Well, I wouldn't have to attack people if they just told me what I wanted to know."
"Well, maybe they would tell you if you weren't always threatening them and hadn't tried to kill them."
"Ok. I'm getting bored with this. Are you gonna tell me or not." I heard a sigh. Well, two sighs. Ray and Amber. I could just imagine Amber smirking at that. I shook my head. What are you going to say Amber?
"Fine. I'll tell you but not here. You kinda scare my friend." What?! Is she going to pretend that she's the one that Moikey scared the crap outta?

Amber's POV:
I'm not going to let them get her again.
"Ok. I'm going through the front door. See you down there." I'm not going through the window. I'm Not Ok (I Promise) drifted into my head. 'Remember when you broke youre foot from jumping out the second story...'
"But it's like midnight." I looked at Ray. He had changed back to a person. He was wearing clothes. I guess the clothes change with the rest of him. That's good to know.
"Well, I guess I'm staying. Bye, Ray!" I said cheerfully. He gave me a death stare.
"Nope. You're coming. I need to know what Mikey got outta you." He grabbed my arm and dragged me toward the window.
"Ummm... I'd rather not. 'Rememer when you broke your foot from jumping out the second story'," I quoted to him. He smiled a cruel smile.
"Someone afraid of heights?"
"No. Just what would happen I I fell down. I'm not going out through the window." I started tugging on my arm, trying to pull it out of his grip. He tightened his grip and pulled me closer. He lifted me up and held me fireman style.
"Well, that's too bad 'cuz you're going out the window." He leaned out the window. I quickly clutched onto him just before he jumped. I sqeezed my eyes shut and felt the gravity messing my hair up. I held my breath. I felt myself stop falling. I opened my eyes, one at a time. Ray was smirking. I didn't care at the moment. I pried my fingers from him he lowered me to the ground. I instantly felt dizzy and ran to a wall to lean on.
"That was worse than an elevator. I'm never doing that again." Wow. It was really dark out here. It IS night. Ray came toward me and started dragging me somewhere. "I really shouldn't be walknig right now. If you don't want me to puke on you, I would suggest stop draggin me to a place I don't know."
"Well, you DO know that we're going to have to get you back into that room the same way."
"No way! I'm taking my chances with the front door." I sighed. He started walking faster. Where are we? Where are we going? I can't see a thing. It's pitch black. "Where are we going, Ray?"
"You don't need to know." I face palmed.
"Actually, I do need to know."
"Why?" I face palmed again.
"BEACAUSE YOU'RE TAKING ME-" He put a hand over my mouth to stop me from shouting.
"Shut up. Don't make me kill you." I wanted to face palm so bad. What is Ray's problem? I settled for an exhausperated (i think that's how you spell it) sigh.
"You're not going to kill me. You want to know something, and only I can tell you because Moikey won't. Stop giving out empty threats." I yawned. I'm tired. (i really am) "Can't you just carry me there?" I asked while yawning. "We'll get there quicker, I'm tired. I can't tell you anything if I'm half awake." He sighed, and I think he shook his head.
"Humans." He lifted me again in fireman style and ran. My hair flew everywhere because of how fast we were going. This is different than going down. I yawned again. I guess I can just take a nap. I closed my eyes as he carried me off into the night...

Do you like that last part? It's good, huh? Like a mystery. I know where he's taking her/me, but you don't! MUAHAHAHA!!

-Shooting Star