In Love With All Of These Vampires Chapter 17

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In Love With All Of These Vampires Chapter 17

Christina's POV:
We went downstairs to eat dinner. Lunch? Breakfast? Well, we went downstairs to eat food. I had washed my face of any tears, so my parents wouldn't know that I cried. Amber wasn't crying. She was actually pretty silent. She seemed to be thinking about something important. Maybe she's thinking about school. We get a LOT of homework, so... yeah. We sat at the table, and my dad served us some food. Mashed potatos, greenbeans, and a peice of chicken. Yuck! I hate chicken. I only like the chicken in the cup o' noodles. We started eating.
"So are you girls feeling better?" My dad asked.
"Yeah. I'm eating aren't I?" I said. I actually wasn't better. If anything, I was worse. I would've liked to be clueless. I don't like remembering certain things. Amber just nodded her head. My dad smiled and continued eating his food. Amber and I were the last ones to finish eating. We were really slow eaters. I didn't eat my chicken.
"Amber. Do you want my chicken? You know I don't like chicken." She smiled.
"Yep. I know you don't like chicken because you complain about it almost everyday. I sometimes like chicken. This is one of those times." I put my chicken on her plate. She ate it. It was a small peice of chicken. She ate it quickly. When she finished, we threw our paper plates away. We went back upstairs to work on our homework. I don't like the way Amber was being so silent.
"Amber. Please tell me you're not thinking of doing something stupid! I know you're planning something." She looked up at me from her social studies homework.
"I'm not going to do anything stupid. I'm just giong to do something That I NEED to do." I sighed and went back to our homework. We worked in silence until it was late at night.

Ray's POV:
Moikey and Gee were inches away from each other. Frank and I couldn't do anything. One of us would end up dying, or worse. To add to it, we don't know who to listen to. Moikey had never been much of a manipulator despite his power. He always just went with the flow. I guess something happened when he was getting information. I'll go investigate. I looked outside of one of the windows. I can go. It's dark. Moikey pushed Gee to the ground.
"Revenge is so sweet. Especially when it's been brewing inside for many, MANY years." Gee had fallen on his back. Moikey walked next to him and placed a foot on his chest when he had tried to get up. They'll be busy for a while. I nudged Frank. He looked up at me from the fight.
"What, Ray?" He whispered fiercly. We both checked to see if they heard us. If they did, we could get in so much trouble. They didn't hear us.
"Get off me, Michael!" Gee shouted. He pushed Moikey's foot off him and stood up. Moikey was infuriated. He slapped Gee so hard in the face that Gee flew back and hit the wall across the room. Frank and I both winced. Neither one of us knew that Moikey had this much power.
"DON'T CALL ME MICHAEL!! I'M MOIKEY!" Actually, it's Mikey, but I wasn't about to say that. We just started calling him that because when we recorded Vamipre Money, Gee was drunk and accidently called him that. It just stuck. Frank also called Gee baby, but that one didn't stick. Frank was also drunk. We still tease him sometimes.
"I'm going out. I need to do some investigating." He gave me a WTF look. I smiled and shrugged. Gee fell to the ground on his knees. In a split second, they were atacking each other again. I took that as my que to leave. I ran out of the house and ran to where the girls were staying. I overheard Gee and Frank talking about before Gee and Moikey started fighting. Their house was two stories. Too easy. I smiled at my unintentional pun. I shifted my looks. First my hair, then my body mass, then the little details (eyes, eyebrows, ect.). I looked just like Moikey now. I sighed. my voice changes, too? It's been so long since I've used my shifting power. It feels good. I scale the wall quietly until I come to their room. They aren't looking this way. What are they doing. Homework? LAME! I quickly yet quietly, enter through the window and close it. The one with dirty blonde hair shivers and looks up. She sees me.

Amber's POV:
That's the perfect plan! That's how I will get Moikey! I don't care if Christina hates me forever! I WILL get him. No matter what it takes. I will always stand up for my family and friends. Whoa. I just realized that I was writing my social studies homework. I was thinking about revenge, but my hands wrote about the ancient samurai warriors. A cool chill made me shivver. Someone is here. Watching us. Vampire. I look up towards the window. MOIKEY!!!!!!!! I can tell that my eyes widen in shock, but it quickly turns into anger. I start glaring at him. I can't do my plan, but I can do something. I have to do something.
"Christina. Get behind me." She hadn't noticed him yet. She looked up at me.
"Why, Amber? What are you-" She turned to see Moikey in the room. I knew she was scared.
"Now Christina." She crawled behind me. "What do you want, Michael?" I know he doesn't like being called Michael. It wasn't the smartest thing to do. Mess with a vampire, but I had to. I don't like him. He smirked at me. His features began to change. He became larger, his hair more crazy, and little things like his eyes began to change. "Ray. It's you." I smirked. "Sneaky little vampire. You had me going for a bit until you changed."
"Amber. How do you know it's Ray? What if it's Moikey pretending to be Ray pretending to be himself?" I gave her a confused look. It took me a second to realize what she just said. The same with Ray. I could tell by his facial expression.
"No. That's not possible. Moikey's power is controlling people. Remember? Well, don't remember, but you know what I mean!" She looked at me.
"Yeah. I know what you mean. One thing still bothers me."
"What's that?"
"Why is Ray here, and why did he come as Moikey?" I looked at her about to give an explaination, but I stopped. I didn't have one. I looked towards Ray.
"Those are good questions. Ray. Do you mind explaining why you're here even though we hate each other?" He smirked. I raised an eyebrow. he's not here for a fight. he's here for information. What kind of informatoin is the question.
"Umm... Amber. I don't want to say this, but he IS a vampire. I don't know if we're in any position to say things like that." I rolled my eyes and sighed.
"Christina. If he was going to hurt us, wouldn't he have done so already? He's here for information, not a fight." i was looking at her while I said. I turned around to face him again. "The question is: what kind of information?"

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