I stole this... cuz I'm awesome like that! =D

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I stole this... cuz I'm awesome like that! =D

1. Height: 5 foot exactly!

2. Virgin? Yuuppp

3. Shoe size: I think I'm like 5 in women's. In my shoes it says either: 1,2, or 3

4. Sexual Orientation: i like boys.....so straight..

5. Do you smoke? nope

6. Do you drink? non-alcoholic beverages yes, doesnt everyone?

7. Do you take drugs? Nope

8. Age you get mistaken for: im 13, and nobody has ever tried to guess my age before so... NEXT QUESTION!!

9. Tattoos? Nope

10. Piercings? ears

11. Best friend? Ummm... my sister :D

12. Relationship status: Single

13. Favorite movies: In Time, I Am Number Four, Monsters vs. Aliens. HUNGER GAMES (even though it hasn't come out yet)

14. Someone you miss: Hammy (mysister's dead hamster. Does he count?)

15. Most traumatic experience: hmm... being yelled at in preschool. well the teacher wasn't relly yelling at me but i thought i was in trouble. oops

16. A fact about your personality: dont get me mad. i will get you if you do

17. What I want to be when I get older: Awriter but I'm probably going to be a doctor. A pediatrition

18. My relationship with my siblings: LOVE THEM! most of the time.. =D

19. My relationship with my parents: Pretty good