I can't help it (rant)

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I can't help it (rant)

Posted by: SASHAZ

GET OVER IT.... and leave them alone is all I've got to say (IDiotS... y'all, oh.. and wasting your time, you Cannot Force them to DO anything And WHY would you WANT to ?!?!?!?!)

a TRUE fan
MCR ~ live your life guys... whilst ignoring this fan shit


I had posted a blog for MCR to do one final world tour, and this is a comment I received.

I was grieving. Of course I wanted something more of the band. We tend to want more than we can get, and we tend to not realize what we have until it's gone.

It was a simple suggestion though I suppose the title of my post could've been taken as a sense of commanding, "Sign the petition for MCR to go on one last world tour" but that was not my intention for it's meaning. I meant it like the purpose of name of a game at an amusement park "Try your luck!" It is not meant to sound demanding, but to draw the attention of the audience.

She told me to get over it and leave them alone. She told me to get over the band that has helped me for the past two years. She said to get over the band that even helped her " thru some weird times". She told me to get over the only thing I've ever gotten attached to, the first band I ever liked, the only thing that told me not to succumb to violence and self-harm. She even told me to leave them alone. I technically wasn't bothering them. How could I do the opposite of something I wasn't doing in the first place? If they read the blog, that was their choice. I knew there was a low chance of the petition actually doing something, but excuse me for hoping. I forgot that it was illegal to do so, especially around the people who I considered my second family, my friends.

The last time I checked, which appears to be too long ago, the MCRmy was a place where we couldn't be called names, a place where we were family, where we had friends, where we weren't judged with our actions. I suppose it's not like that anymore, is it?

Also, didn't we have an entire phase last year about how there are no differences in the fans? That there are no "true" fans and "other" fans? Are we really going to take a step backwards in our realizations and revert to our old ways? I thought we were mature enough to stop calling people "IDiotS". This isn't elementary school. There's no need for name calling as well as improper capitalization.

"(IDiotS... y'all, oh.. and wasting your time, you Cannot Force them to DO anything And WHY would you WANT to ?!?!?!?!" In what way was I forcing them to do anything? In what shape or form do I have the ability to force them to do anything? I do not want to force them to do anything either, and it's not as if I actually can. "...and wasting your time," The time is only wasted if I regret it. I do not regret using my time to do something that I liked, that I believed in.

And that last part, "MCR~ live your life guys... whilst ignoring this fan shit". If what she claims is true, she was the fan, and I was not. Does that mean that she wants MCR to ignore her? To ignore the fans? To ignore the people they saved?

It's difficult for me to comprehend the purpose of her comment. Did she enjoy calling me and the people who wished to sign the petition "IDiotS"? Was the whole purpose of her comment simply to inform me of the unlikely chance of the band getting back together? If so, why did she have to call herself a "true" fan? Aren't we all fans? And why call our conversations, opinions, or anything of that matter of our's "shit"? Was it really necessary for her to have to make grammatical errors and foul language all the while insulting the people who wanted to sign the petition to make her point?

~Singer Not a Dancer~