He's the Cas to my Dean- If you read my last post, you get the reference (or if you watch Supernatural [duh])

Okay, if you read my last post, you know that there's a boy I like but not like at the same time. Today, we were talking. He volunteers at the Ramona Bowl, and he got a couple scratches on his wrist from it. He said he'd never self-harm and somehow, it lead to us talking about our relationship... and I said that relationships are a lot like religion to me: hard to believe in and require a lot of faith. And he asked if that's why I let Jesse, a guy friend, hug me and lean on me all the time. I nodded, and he said if he weren't in a relationship with me, he'd cut himself... and to think that I thought about breaking up with him. I like him, but I don't really act on my feelings... like it's not really apart of me, not really that important. I can't now knowing that he needs me. I'm not sure of anything really anymore. Would I have broken up with him or not? Geez! Why does life have to be so confusing!!