My story

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My story

Hope does exist. I thought it abandoned me at first, but actually it was waving its hand at me right infront of me. I just had to be strong enough to reach for it. Here's my story:

School year 2010-2011, 8th grade year, one more year til high school. For most it seems like the time to be had. For me, a nightmare.
I was the only one who took school seriously. I was the only one who studied a lot. I was the only one who cared. Where I went to grade school, no one wanted to be around the "book worm" the know it all, the goody two shoes. Even my best friend had abandoned me, laughed with them instead. I had no one. I cried myself to sleep everynight, and woke up in tears from my nightmares. I dreaded school. I only had MCR, but I wasnt apart of this blog yet.
See, no one knew I was going through this. I had an extremely believable fake smile. I was able to hold back the tears. I would wake up, protestinately go to school. I was basically a ghost in my school. The only thing I could really look forward to was going to the high school of my dreams, which would mean getting out of the grade school I was currently going to.
I learned many things about me last year. One was my talent for poetry. Another I was able to detatch myself from things I didn't need hovering over me in my life. And lastly, I was able to walk this world alone.
That whole school year I want to forget, but you can't. "You have to sort of completely die inside to become a new person," GW, I totally agree. Which did happen. At one point, all I did was feel dead. But I stayed strong, with my weak pulse, not feeling safe and protected at all.
I got into the high school, and now attending it. I love it, I have friends. I am able to wake up smiling in the morning. Yes, I am still afraid of sleeping and dreaming, but only out of habit. I do still have to tell myself I can relax, that I'm safe now. There is hope. There is a light at the end of that tunnel. Just stay strong, and you'll make it out.

I'm Katia and I survived.

so, what's your story?