Wish Me Strength, Not Luck (And A Long Advice To You That May Hated Me Afterwards)

I don't believe in luck, so that's why I wsh for strength.
It's the first week of a new semester in my architecture course. So far, so good, don't worry about that. I'm just worried if I have to withdraw a certain subject because I may not be strong enough to handle the task given in that subject. Yeah, I'm doubting my future. Who doesn't do that all the time?
Anyway, I just need enough support to keep me sane, strong, and happy. Even if it is just a little (That's a lie--I want lots and lots of support!)
Also, I feel like I need to address something to some of you guys (especially my beautiful friends) with depression in your mind, misery on your shoulder, doubts in your heart and self-hatred upon your face. I admit I will never understand and will never able to help you guys get back up again. But I also want to admit that I can't help you--if you can't help me, help you.
Do you guys watched Kitchen Nightmares, hosted by the great Chef Gordon Ramsay? Well, I like him--a lot. And I truly respect him. Call the show fake or whatever, but he will never be. Because what I saw in that show was his determination in helping the owners to rise from the ashes and re-build the ruined walls. He really wanted to help them, but he couldn't if the owners never gave 150% commitment to change. And I wanted to be like him. I mean I'm not going to go berserk and screamed at you guys to wake up and make life for yourself. I'm going to tell you, advise you, comfort you and help you to wake up and make life for yourself. I'm not giving on you guys, especially to my friends out there that still in contact. But I can't help you, if you can't help yourself. And I know you're asking how and here it is: stop being negative--stop feeling negative--stop thinking negative--and stop doing negative. Negative comes destruction and chaos. Positive comes perfection and order. No, I don't mean "order" politically (I don't understand politics, so I'm not going to be apart of it.) "Order" as in sanity, self-control and self-aware.
I think I've said enough. I don't want to annoy anyone any longer with something to be puked about. So stay beautiful, stay healthy, stay safe, and don't let the world buries your skin and bones to the ground, nor drowns your lungs into the ocean, nor feeds your organs to the fire and the storm. God speed strength and love, Killjoys.