project zuk 1's/music audition

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project zuk 1's/music audition

I need you guys (and girls) to listen.
I'm almost turning 20 (if follow the Islamic Calendar) and that made me think about my most important dream that I've been keeping for a long time: Make the greatest rock band in the world.
I know it's impossible and a bit selfish but it's what I dreamed of to do.
Until now, all I did was writing songs and lyrics for my dream band. But what I never done was finding a member to join. And that's where you guys come along.
I want you guys to be a part of this project.
Here it is:


-Dream Rock band project
-Alternative Rock, Pop Punk, Rap Rock
-Planned to consist of 4 members: 2 guitars, 1 turntable, 1 drummer
-Not according to plan: Vocals (lead+back), rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, turntable, drummer
-Hoping to find someone who can play more than one instrument,
if according to plan: Lead vocal+rhythm guitar+keyboard/piano
(depend on songs played)
Back vocal+Rap+lead guitar
-What can I do, you say?
More to rhythm guitar because my fingers aren't that fast
Keyboard and piano
Still praticing bass and vocal because according to plan, I'll be the lead vocal

-But that doesn't mean you can't be one. I'll give anyone the chance to be the lead.
If your vocal is what I'm looking for any kind of songs I made, you'll be the permanent lead vocal.

-VISION: Sing out loud into the world's ears, be our generations' champion, give them hope and change the world for the better

-MISSION: 1. Find talented musicians and artists (in other words, audition)
2. Get to know about each other
3. Start out with covering our favourite rock songs
4. Covering few rap rock songs
5. Covering few acoustic songs
6. Then, our real goal starts

-What you have to do?
Play/sing 5 songs, with your awesome talent. Here are songs you need to play:
1. Song of your choice (for dj, you can do remix for one song of your choice)
2. Famous Last Word by My Chemical Romance (for dj, you can do remix for this song)
3. Take My Hand by Simple Plan (for dj, also the same)
4. Faint by Linkin Park (for dj, show me how you can make it better)
5. Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N Roses (for dj, do a remix for this song)
Play with not more than 2 instruments for one song. Vocal also include as an instrument. Meaning, if you sing, you can play with one other instrument of your choice.
These are instruments that are allowed for audition:
Vocal (lead or back or rap)
Electric guitar (rhythm or lead)
Acoustic/classical guitar
Turntables/Virtual DJ (not talking about the software)
Bass guitar
Send me a link of your audition video (title: PROJECT ZUK 1'S, -musician nickname-, -instruments use-)
You can also send me a song recording but it's best to stick with audition video
Better make it as high quality as possible
Send me to, facebook (sid harvey nick), youtube (sidtastic007)
Audition end after 24TH DECEMBER 2012 on the west side of the world
Feedback will be given 31ST DECEMBER 2012 on the west side of the world
I need 3-4 members only (if include me, the total will be 4-5 members)
Age 16-22 years old only

-My advice? Be different. Be better than the original musician.