Musicians/Today Part 2

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Musicians/Today Part 2

The last blog I posted was about popular artists started to make songs, in either bad or good way, as a result, we listened to very, very bad songs on the radio. (Luckily, there's more than one radio channel and they play their own kind of genres which is really great) Now, I'm talking about the newest artists doing music in their own way. Some are indies and some are singers who sing someone's music.

Who should I start first? Or which band should I start first? OR WHICH BOYBANDS should I start first? Let's look at (drum roll please) One Direction. Hmmm, how should I put this? They're..
good. They are great. I think they work together really well and have amazing vocals. Well, not amazing but it deserves to be somewhere with the other popular boybands. A lot of people (especially girls) love them for their cute and handsome boyish look (I gotta agree, though). But I like them because of how good their is. I first stumbled upon them, incidentally, on youtube (I was looking for some newest songs back then). I looked at the title: "WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL (LYRIC VIDEO)" and thinking, "seems legit". And BAM! Right into my brain to my heart, the guitar intro and the...tiktok sound (sorry, I really forgot what's it called) was like a beach song party (I like listening anything that's related to beach, by the way. It's really peaceful thinking about it). And then, first voice..ok, I don't quite remember how I feel about that part but I think I was like, "What the heck with the voice?". But move into pre-chorus and chorus was amazing. It's so loveable you can't get enough listening one more time on that part. It's really IS a beach party song. (isn't it wonderful to know that your dream come true?) The music was as astounding as the lyric itself. It's so meaningful, it's powerful, it's..awesome. From then on, I started 'stalking' them with their next and better singles "One Thing" and "Up All Night" (I haven't heard their newest single yet so I'll bet it'll be awesome). "WMYB" maybe awesome, but "One Thing" was better and made it into My Favourites Of All Time Playlist. I did listening to their album and I gotta say: there are some great songs, some are still likeable, some are just in between good-bad. Otherwise, One Direction is really the best boyband I've ever heard yet.

Or do they?

Yup. Next we're talking about The Wanted. They really, really have better vocals than One Direction. If One Direction have boyish look and vocals, these guys(well, some) have manly voice. Their music are great. It really appeals to various audiences (from my perspective, at least). I first heard them singing "Lightning" and it was awesome. The music fits well with their voices, the lyrics are great. The next single is by far has the most beautiful lyric of the chorus I had ever heard (yet), "Glad You Came". I really, really love the music here, their vocals are a top-notch. A really nice dance song with a bit of romance. But is this the singles that made through My Favourites Of All Time? Unfortunately, no. But it did managed to be on my 2011 Favourites. I think the most interesting yet newest song I've heard from them was "I Found You". You get to hear each and every member use their vocals in such a different way that it's good. I think I'm gonna like this song later because I always like to see how far a singer can do with their vocals without any help of autotune.

Now, between One Direction and The Wanted....I don't dare to choose. It's like choosing between NSYNC and Westlife.

Let's see hear...I think I talk about good artists. How about we look for the bad ones.
Now, we all heard about a lady named Rita Ora (Haven't heard, then better check..if you dare LOL). I kinda have problems with her song. I can't seem to understand where she is going for. Being a gangster or a pop sensation? Even her songs are (some) bad. I like her vocals but I don't think it fits to most of her songs. Again, this is just my opinion. And you remember I talk about sex/drunk party song right? Well, her "How We Do" lyric has that. Don't get me wrong. I like the music, her vocals fits to the music, but can't see sing anything other than sex/drunk party? I did try to hear other songs from her which aren't singles, but they weren't impressive.

Next, we go for newest rappers. If you aren't a fan of rap but want to listen some, I suggest you look for Eminem, Tinie Tempah (he still new, if I'm not mistaken, but he's clean), Lupe Fiasco, Wiz Khalifa, and for classic rap, I'll go for Tupac and Notorious B.I.G as well as Puff Daddy. I assure you, their old and new songs have good music and rap.
I don't mind you guys to listen to other rappers but don't listen to Big Sean, especially when he 'raps' on "As Long As You Love Me" because that was SO not rapping.

...To be honest, there's not much to tell about rappers these days since I haven't heard any of their songs on the radio lately. I'll talk about this later when I know more about other newest artists. If you want my opinion about other newest artists, let me know.

P/S: Sorry for the late post. This was supposed to be up last Saturday but I had a terrible time that day. I'll tell about it on my next blog.