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Hey, beautifuls.
I hope you guys and girls feeling well.
It is time to bring back the fire!!! It is the second movement of my unofficial project: "Killjoy ID Symbols" (also now known as KISs Project)!!!

You may or may not know, that I've made like dozens of ID Symbols for friends and members of the MCRmy half a year ago. I made one for Radio Star, Venom Heart, Princess Rose, Sunshine Slaughter, Menacing Venom, Deathwisher, Kobra Poison and tons of other cool Killjoys here. And I posted those ID Symbols on here. Unfortunately, we are unable to look at them again due to small, unreasonable changes on this site. If you wish to see my creations, here's a link to my Facebook Photo Album:

If there's any problem with the link, do let me know.
Now, if you wish to have one, please fill out the following requirements:

Killjoy Name:
MCRmy Member Since:
First MCR Song:
Favourite MCR Song:
Killjoy Song:
Killjoy Phrase:

The time taken to draw your Symbol is not as long as a week (unless there's any technical difficulties). But do be patient. If you are not satisfied with your Symbol, do not hesitate to ask me to redo. Now, without further ado, the first of the second:

"Die Trying (Holding Onto The Precious Thing You Can't Let Go)"

Killjoy name: Bullet Rose
First MCR song: Teenagers
Favourite MCR song: The Jetset Life is Gonna Kill You or Dead!
Killjoy song: Bulletproof Heart
Colour: Black and red