Killjoy ID Symbols (Celebrity Venom, Hidden Color, Shelly796)

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Killjoy ID Symbols (Celebrity Venom, Hidden Color, Shelly796)

GOOOOOOOOOOD!!! It's been a busy, terrible day for me, beautifuls!! DX
But despite that, I still making awesome Killjoy symbols for all the MCRmy who request for one and who I offered my artistry. :D
Here are a new batch and to me, they look fucking beautiful and awesome and I'm so glad I still have my creative mind in me. XD
Let me know what you guys think. Love you, beautifuls!

1) "Summer Fiery Eyes"

Killjoy Name: Celebrity Venom.
Since: 2012.
First song: Na Na Na / Helena
Favourite song: Hang 'em High
Killjoy song: Ain't It Fun (Paramore)
Killjoy phrases: "a single flame burning on blood"
Colour: red and orange

2) "Sky-Rocketed Into Another Dimension"

Killjoy Name: Toxic Rocket
Since: 2011
First song: Teenagers
Favorite song: Ghost of You
Killjoy song: unknown
Killjoy Phrase: "Art is the weapon, your imagination is the ammunition."
"Stay dirty, stay dangerous, and never let them take you alive."
Color: black and blue :)

3) "Fall Down, Little Blue Comet"

Killjoy ID: Atomic Light
Since: 2012
First Song: SING
Favourite Song: The Light Behind Your Eyes
Killjoy Song: It's Not a Fashion Statement It's a Deathwish
Killjoy Phrase: "I lost my fear of falling"
Colour: Cerulean Blue, Black, and Grey