Killjoy ID Symbols #8 (Toxic Flame, Corpse Princess, Invisible Tear) (Anyone named Neon Ninja?!!!)

Hello, beautifuls.
Long time no see. Sorry, I've been dealing with lots of shizzenanigan in my personal life, so I haven't had time to do these symbols. Today's batch is very different than any other batches. I'm experimenting with "picasso mosaics" and silhouettes to design these symbols. Let me know what you guys think, please. It's nice to have responses, so I can improve myself (and so I can have the will to continue on with drawing arts and stuffs).

Also, is there anyone here Killjoy named NEON NINJA?! If you're Neon Ninja, I want you to message me again because I might have deleted our conversation before.

1) "You Can't See The Flame Under This Toxic Haze"
Killjoy name: Toxic Flame
Since: 2010
First song: Dead!
Favorite song: Famous Last Words. my ultimate fave is Devil's NIght by Motionless in White.
Killjoy song: Black Dragon Fighting Society
Killjoy phrases: "Burn to ashes!' "This is for Gerard!" "Long live the Fabulous Killjoys!" "Light toxic acid's flame!"
Colour: purple, green, red, blue

2) "The Majestic Crown"
Killjoy name: Corpse_Princess
Since: 2010
First song: Teenagers
Favourite song: I Never Told You What I Do For a Living
Killjoy song: Desolation Row
Killjoy phrase: "Shit happens, then you die"
Colour: Pink and Purple and Black

3) "With This Vision, Tears Turn To Snow"
Killjoy name: Invisible Tear
Since: 2012
First song: Na Na Na
Favourite song: unknown
Killjoy song: Destroya!
Killjoy phrase: "Smile like you mean it,cry when you feel it." and "Don't dream it,be it"
Colour: black and royal purple