Killjoy ID Symbols #7 (Cyanide Cola, Bloody Revenge, Psychotic Dream)

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Killjoy ID Symbols #7 (Cyanide Cola, Bloody Revenge, Psychotic Dream)

Finally finished!!!! YAY!!! Hope you guys like them! If not, just let me know. :D

1) "Cola Made Out Of Poison & Blood"
Killjoy name: Cyanide Cola
Since: 2012
First song: Vampires Will Never Hurt You
Favorite song: IDK. It changes a lot
Killjoy song: Planetary (GO!) or The Kids From Yesterday
Killjoy phrase: "So remember, even though you're gone, out here in the desert your shadow
lives on without you."
Colours: Black, dark red, and dark purple.

2) "This Is Not Milky Way!! It's Geemiko Way!"
Killjoy name: Bloody Revenge.
Since: 2011
First song: Na Na Na
Favorite song: House of Wolves
Killjoy song: Planetary (Go!)
Killjoy phrase: "i fucking dare you to try that again!"
Colors: black and fuscia.

3) "Weird Hypnotism"
Killjoy ID Name: Psychotic Dream
Since: 2007
First Song: Helena
Favourite Song: Thank You For The Venom
Killjoy Song: Save Yourself and I'll Hold Them Back
Killjoy Phrase: "You don't know a thing about this life, and we are up for everything it takes to
prove we're not the same as them."
Colour: Black and Lime Green