Killjoy ID Symbols #3 (Panic System, Menacing Venom, Music Martyr)

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Killjoy ID Symbols #3 (Panic System, Menacing Venom, Music Martyr)

Hello, beautifuls! Another batch of Killjoy symbols I made for the Killjoys I specified on the title. I'll be honest with you guys (and girls): This might not be the best batch I made. I've been pretty busy with my college stuffs and it really burn the passion fruit inside me slowly.

In other words, I'm losing my imagination to make really good symbols. So, if you (the Killjoys I stated in the title) don't really like your symbols, don't be afraid to ask me do another better one. Really, I don't care if I have to redo them again because I want to give you all the best satisfaction in my artwork.

Just let me know, in honesty, how do you feel with these symbols. It means a lot to me. :)

1) "A Music That Takes Me To A Dream"

Killjoy name: Panic system
Since: 2011.
First song: Sing (technically), or Welcome to the Black Parade
Favorite song: I can't choose
Killjoy Song: Sleep
Killjoy phrase: "...for the monsters that I've been..."
Colours: eggplant purple, red, white, and black

2) "One More Glass Heart And You Will Die Along With Me, Death"

Killjoy name: Menacing Venom
Since: 2010
First song: Helena
Favourite song: This Isn't A Fashion Statement, It's A Deathwish
Killjoy song: unknown
Killjoy phrase: unknown
Colour: Black and green.

3) "Shoot Me A Song With A Revolver (And You'll See I'm No Belieber)"

Killjoy name: Music Martyr
Since: 2011
First song: Mama
Favourite song: I Never Told You What I Do For A Living
Killjoy song: Destroya
Killjoy Phrase: "Does it look like I care?"
Colour: Black, purple, red and green