Killjoy ID Symbols #2 (To Every Enemy, Radio Star37, putonyourhappyface)

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Killjoy ID Symbols #2 (To Every Enemy, Radio Star37, putonyourhappyface)

Eh wait, that's not what "Hello" means.

So, these are new Killjoy ID symbols I made for those who requested (and those that I offered my talent, hihi :P). Let me know what you guys think of these ones. :D

1) "He's My (Super) Hero"

Killjoy ID Name: Hyper-Riot
(MCR Fan) Since: 2005
First Song: Unknown
Favourite Song: All of 'em (Not a title. Really, all of their songs.)
Killjoy Song: Party Poison
Killjoy Phrase: "Stay dirty, stay dangerous", "You better run, motherfucker, my hands a quick pull trigger", "Let's ruin everything"
Colour: "firetruck" red, neon green, bright yellow, light blue, electric

2) "Lightspeed Star At The Slowest Motion"

Killjoy ID Name: Radio Star
Since: 2010
First song: Nanana
Favorite song: Welcome to the Black Parade
Killjoy song: The Kids From Yesterday
Killjoy phrase: "Nothing you can say can stop me going home"
Color: blue, black, and silver

3) "Atomic-Proof Heart"

Killjoy ID Name: Atomic Ghost
Fan since: January 2007
First song: Cancer
Favorite song: This Is The Best Day Ever
Killjoy song: Bulletproof Heart, The Only Hope For Me Is You
Killjoy phrase: "Being yourself is the FU to them all"
Colour: purple and black