I Am Back From The Dead

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I Am Back From The Dead

Hello, beautiful soldiers of MCRmy. How are you all doing? I haven't been visiting this site for quite a long time (and it still as black as the back of my eyes, haha).

The reason is because of my study. I have a very less time to do anything but study and finishing college projects. I have to stop playing music, playing video games, drawing and sleeping (yes, I have developed an insomnia....HOW COOL IS THAT?!! XP) just to focus on college life. However, I did escape from these chains and made time to do few of those things.
But keep in mind that I have a bad amnesia, so I can't remember much.

On June,
After the Killjoy ID Symbols Project ended, I started getting busy with college projects. Three weeks later, it was my 20th birthday and my lovely sister came back from Moscow My family and I had BBQ for both my birthday and my sister's homecoming "party". I got some birthday greetings from classmates and from my far away friends (very few of them, really....but thanks).
A week later, I bought two LINKIN PARK LIVE CONCERT tickets!!!! Besides that, I bought Fall Out Boy's Save Rock N Roll and Daft Punk's Random Access Memories CDs.

On July,
I cried in front of all lecturers and few classmates because of my incredibly bad progress of my project. Later, one of the lecturer calmed me down and helped me a little with my project so I can get back on track. Few friends noticed about my "drama" and tried to comfort me and helped me as much as they can. I kind of thankful, nuff said. After a few weeks, all my projects were done. One project I would like to mentioned was a presentation on my designed building. I was very nervous and a bit of a rush because I haven't finished my model yet. Actually, the site model only. The model of my design was, in percentage, 80% completed. It was my turn and I needed something to drink first, and the drink my friend gave me was a fruit juice I don't like but it did help me to "smoothen" my throat. I was still nervous but in my mind I thought of one thing to do:
"Stand Hut! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my..." And this went on to the point where I had to read out from my boards. Fortunately, I put a lot of efforts on my presentation boards especially the descriptions because I really needed those. After the presentation, I felt relief and alive. The critics weren't very unpleased at all. They gave advise on improving my design, no more no less.

It's still July and in the Islamic calendar, it is now the month of fasting. After all those hard times at college, I think it's time to relax and play some video games. I've been playing Assassin's Creed 3 non-stop (because there weren't any ways to save the game besides automatically) and when I thought it's time to turn off my computer, I went back to the game and found out my game wasn't saved. So not cool. I've played the game for like a week (NON-STOP!!!) and I've gone so far to the sixth sequence (and it was so freaking HARD!!!!)....and I get a game without a save.....so not cool, Assassin.....so not cool....

Anyway, let's hope Deadpool works. See you guys later.
Stay beautiful, stay safe and stay healthy. Don't let the rain wipe away that smiley face.

p/s: the video was one of the projects I did. The designed building was actually from my Semester 2 projects. Also, the music background is made by me. I was thinking of making a full length version soon.