Hello, Uglies... >:)

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Hello, Uglies... >:)

This is the man's "dark personality" talking.
I thanked a girl named after Hell for letting me out of his cage. She is truly a Hell. Hahaha.
I just want to say hello and have a day full of misery, nightmare, hate and bleaches.
Especially to those who hurt my "baby" in so many ways:

-no comments
-never read
-terrible insults wether if it's intentionally or not (yes, I'm talking to you, porcupine)
-loveless (Don't fucking say it's the same thing as careless, bitches!)

This is a message to all the MCRmy Community who he believes is his "family". Oh, it's a family alright. The same family that he has until now. Everything has always been fucked up, anyway.
I'm pretty sure this will be deleted as soon as my "baby" awake. But I don't care. At least I've done something that I wanted to do.

Now, to end this transition:

Stay ugly, stay weak, and stay bloody, let the clouds raining blades onto your sad, ugly faces. Hahaha.