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I just dreamed about her again and this time, it felt so so so so real than the last time i dreamed her. here's the story:

I dreamed i was on facebook, looking up some status and all. then, i look at her status and it said "Helena and Sid are in a relationship" (that's not her real name, but its closed to how it sounds like). my heart beat so fast(really, really fast like its coming out of my ribs) and, i think i blushed. suddenly, she chat me about it. i can't remember some of what she said and what happens afterwards, but i know that she "want us to start now, instead of yesterdays". (thats what she said, i think)

That dream really felt so good and peaceful, quite surprising but still--it's like heaven, i guess. i dont want to wake up(seriously, i really dont want to wake up) but i had to leave that dream. i had to leave her. but when i wake up, i can't stop thinking about her, now that i start to love her again.
she was the most loveliest girl ive known and i had ever seen in my whole life. i loved her so much during junior high and when i left to another school, i still can't get her out of my head. she is the first girl that i care for. she is the first girl that makes me running 10 laps in my room from the floor to the ceiling, wall to wall. she is the first girl that i sang a love song dedicated to her and as a proposal to be her guy. i'd do anything for her if it means so much to her.after she rejected my proposal, i given up on her but i never given up on love. i let her do the choice, i show her the way, i support her in any way i can because i care for her and i want her to have a better life. i want her--to be happy.

by the way, the funny thing is that when i wake up, i quickly checked it on facebook, in case if it is real.(laugh) now, i need to try to get her out of my mind before i do the same thing again. last thing to say to her, I EFFING LOVE YOU, HELENA!!!!!!