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Today....I conquered my fear, and it felt great!!! XD

I volunteered myself to present my ideas, eventhough I know there will be criticisms. But I did it and what I got are applaused, praised and advises. The critics weren't even that bad at all, really.
It really felt great. I gave them my all, I presented them with passion and alive, I didn't let my health condition worsen my spirit and it moved so well (although I did shook with nervous and stuttered a few times), so well I felt that I really achieved something today. And that was conquering my fear of talking and stage fright.

After the presentation, a lot of people congratulated me and I really appreciate that. On my way back to the parking, I sang out loud, bang and slam to the rhythm of the songs with a box I was carrying. It was a really awesome day in campus and I'm glad I made a change to myself.

I really want to thank to those who helped me with this problem of mine, especially to maymay_10; my awesome, beautiful girl; and gasoline diamondjd. Really, really thank you!!!

Hope you guys have a great day!! GalaXY TwinZ, out! (salute)