Bullworth Academy/Story

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Bullworth Academy/Story

Note: This is a somewhat a fiction diary based on the game, Bully (Canis Canim Edit) made by Rockstar Games. I'm not being the main character here and it may either be related or not to the real storyline. I'm just doing this for fun, anyway.

Man, first day in here sucks but the second day in here is even worse! The jocks locked me in that freaking stinky toilet!! I couldn't breathe, I wouldn't even want to see or touch any part of the toilet because...it's....horrible in there. Imagine everywhere in the toilet is...dirt. Very wet, horrible, stinkin' dirt!!! God, I thought this supposed to be the best school for a smart one like me! I guess, if you're too smart, you'll be put in the Davy Jones' Locker. Not only that, I missed my first Art Class with the most beautiful-looking teacher no one ever seen! Well, that's what I heard from the kids in the dorm.
Speaking of which, someone was inside my room last night when I was sleeping. They suddenly tossed my bed upside down and I fell on the floor with my bed on my back. I couldn't catch a glimpse of those bastards but I'm sure it was a two men's job.
Back to the toilet, I did managed to get out there--ALIVE! Thanks to the prefect....Well, you know what?! No thank you, you bloody, dumb-buffed nayhole!! FUDGE YOU!!! I didn't even skipped class. I was locked in. LOCKED IN!! Why would someone want to skip class and hide themselves in that stinking exterminator room!!? Seriously, this prefect, maybe ALL these prefects are idiots! They don't care to listen our side of the story. If they see us doing something, it's against the law! I thought prefects supposed to be students' guardian or something. But this guy, pulled my ear along the hallway, to the principal's office...because CLASS ALREADY ENDED!! @#$FE%^HU&*UI()I%!!!!
Huh...at least, the principal let it slipped about it. After that, I had to deal with Biology class. Don't get me wrong. I'm really smart. But this professor made us all look dumb! Like seriously, we had to cut our frogs, perfectly. Let me say it again: "PER-FECT-LY". Everytime we cut, we thought we're right. But NOOOO~!! He said, "That's not the way! Cut it like you are painting art--with passion!" I'll give him passion....when I had the chance, though...Seriously, I thought Gym Class will be the only subject I'll hate forever, but now Biology is on that list.

What do you think? Again, this is just for fun. I MAYBE do something like this if I FEEL like it. If you're a grammar nazi (lol), then please do check but don't kill (you know what I mean). :)
Stay beautiful, stay healthy, stay away from the blades, and most of all, stay happy.

-GalaXY TwinZ-